From Stinica harbour on the mainland ferry operates to Mišnjak a small port on the south side of the island of Rab. A service runs here all year round, the trip takes 15 minutes, with departures every one or two hours out of season, and continually in the summer months. This is the best connection between the island and the mainland (check time table …)

The ferry service from the port of Lopar on the north side of the island of Rab to the port of Valbiska on the island of Krk and back operates all year round, with departures twice a day, four times a day in the summer months. The journey takes one hour and 30 minutes. (see time table …)

A return catamaran service for passengers runs from the port of Rijeka to the port of the town of Rab is maintained all year round, with departures once daily. The journey takes an hour and 45 minutes. (see time table …)

From Rijeka, Karlovac or Zadar it is around two hours by car to the Stinica ferry.

With its position in the northern Adriatic, the island of Rab is well connected and easily reachable by car from any part of Europe:

  • from Rijeka to Rab -> 120km
  • from Zagreb to Rab -> 220 km
  • from Ljubljana to Rab -> 240 km
  • from Vienna to Rab -> 570 km
  • from Milano to Rab -> 610 km
  • from München to Rab -> 645 km
  • from Brussels to Rab – 1460 km

Our property Four Towers Apartments is located in heart of the old Rab, a unique 2000 years old historical and cultural city. For our dear guests arriving by car please follow traffic sings which lead you to the centre of the old town. Once you have entered the port, the sea will be on your left side. Just continue driving towards the old town. You will pass Hotel Istra on your right side and a big Konzum on your right side as well. From Konzum you will continue for about 300 meters ahead. The last building almost at the end of the port is Hotel Arbiana, very close to the biggest Tower of Rab. You should park somewhere close to Hotel Arbiana. If you booked your room together with Parking, Four Towers Apartments will provide you with a Parking permit which allows you to park anywhere in the old Town.

For each individual accommodation unit it is possible to get only one parking card (if the guest chooses the parking option).

A parking fee for the Four Towers apartment and Santa apartment is included in the price. For all other apartments, a surcharge of 30kn / day is required (is not binding).


There are many forms of transportation with which you can reach the island of Rab, and a bus is one of them. Being close to the third biggest Croatian city of Rijeka, the island of Rab (located in the Kvarner bay), is well connected with regular bus lines. Also, Bus station Rab is well connected to other towns on the island but also with regular lines to Rijeka and Zagreb. During the summer season, the number of lines from the mainland to the island of Rab is increased while throughout the year the island is well connected by regular lines (direct or connected lines) with Rijeka and Zagreb.

The travel distance between the capital of Croatia, Zagreb and the island of Rab is about 210 kilometers which mean you will need to travel about 4-5 hours depending on the travel route to reach the island from Zagreb. The majority of the route you will travel by the highway. This trip includes a trip with the ferry from Stitnica to Misnjak while there is a bus transfer in Senj. There are several daily buses from Zagreb to the town of Rab.

To reach the island of Rab from the city of Rijeka you will need about 3 hours for 120 kilometers of the trip route. There are few daily buses and regular bus lines from Rijeka to the town of Rab. Before reaching the island of Rab, buses stop in the cities of Crikvenica, Selce and Novi Vinodolski while on the island of Rab they stop in Barbat and Rab.

The bus station Palit on the island of Rab is located 600 meters from the old town of Rab and the city center. (check time table …)


If you'd like to reach the island of Pag simply and quickly, you can do it by boat on board the Maslina, which operates from Rab harbour to Tovarnela harbour in Lun on the island of Pag and opposite. The advantage of this option lies in the fact that you can take your bicycle on board. (check time table …)


The nearest airport is Rijeka airport on the island of Krk. The Rijeka airport is connected with various European cities with several international lines. Flight times and connections to other cities, you can check the website of Rijeka Airport. (check time table …)

If you need a transport you can arrange it easily. Imperial Rab is offering a passenger transfer service from Rab - Rijeka airport - Rab and to other airports in Croatia. For more information you can contact them directly:

  • Tel: 00385 51 66 77 88 // Fax: 00385 51 72 41 17
  • E-mail:
  • Working hours: Monday-Friday: 07:00 - 15:00 h // Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00 h